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How to get rid of trash in the hair

How to get rid of trash in the hair

I know, my question is confusing and incredible.

There is daily rubbish in life, construction rubbish in construction industry, and discarded rubbish in computers.

But I never heard that there would be garbage in the hair, yes, it does exist.

How does the garbage in the hair come out?

  1 In the air: A has carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, and a small amount of carbon monoxide CO, so when mixed with water in the air, carbonic acid is formed.

B. There is sulfur dioxide SO2 in the air. When the air is adjacent, it will react with water to form sulfuric acid.

C. There is also nitrogen dioxide NO2 in the air, which forms nitric acid when it encounters water users.

  Example: Many of us may have the experience that when it rains, our hair gets wet with rain.

The hair will feel itchy, which is caused by the chemical reaction. If we wash it thoroughly at home, there will be less residue of hair garbage, otherwise the hair will form a garbage accumulation.

  2 Cleansing shampoo: Most shampoos are mostly alkaline, because this can neutralize the formation of weak acid hair dirt to achieve a thorough cleansing purpose, but contains a type of surfactant called a surfactant in the shampoo.Ingredients, if the shampoo is improperly washed or rinsed, especially in the spring and autumn seasons, static electricity will be generated. Since the hair always generates static electricity, over time, the epidermal scales of the hair will be damaged.

  In the 3 ointment: we all know that there is one in the dye called Armenia and another called free alkali. These two are difficult to be cleaned deeply by shampoo, and even the artificial color has lost its light, and they also haveIt won’t be washed off, staying inside the hair and hurting the leather layer.

  4 Explosive electric hair water: Perm water has ammonia and thio. Long time after the perm is completed, the hair will have an unpleasant odor. In this case, if it continues, the hair will be replaced.

Many customers spend expensive money to make nutrition film because of hair problems, but they do not achieve the expected results. Why?

Because the trash in the hair is not cleared in time, nutrients cannot be absorbed into the leather layer, and can only stay on the surface layer, of course, no good effect can be achieved.

Teacher SIWEM recommends “Natural Vinegar Essence” pour film to remove chemical waste.

  Hairdresser teaches you: natural vinegar treatment essence preparation SIWEN teacher teaches you how to prepare the magic inverted film-natural vinegar treatment essence, which can remove chemical trash in the hair, long-term use can prevent hair loss, itching and softening.

Makes hair feel softer

The preparation method is as follows: 1. Preparation: Electronic weighing or measuring cup of white vinegar high-quality conditioner 2. Preparation: High-quality conditioner: high-quality white vinegar = 4: 1 Put the two preparations in a plastic container and filter evenly.At this time, the pH is about 3.

8 It is ready for use at this time.

  3. Operation: (1) If you do n’t apply too much hair accessories, you do n’t need to wash your hair and apply it in layers. (2) Wrap it in plastic wrap and warm for 15 minutes. (3) Flush.

Blow to 80% dry (4) Start doing other services (5) After completion, be sure to make the customer touch his own hair to make him feel different from before, he will find that the hair has become softer and smoother,It’s shiny and the scalp won’t itch anymore.