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Accelerating the expansion of production capacity, Hefeng Dairy’s net profit in 2019 increased by 117.3%

On March 31st, Hefeng Animal Husbandry stock continued to strengthen.Before final press release, Hefeng Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. quoted 12.74 yuan / share, an increase of 6.79%.On the news side, on the evening of March 30, Hefeng Animal Husbandry released its 2019 annual report, achieving revenue of 177.$ 9.2 billion, an annual increase of 12.96%; achieved a net profit of 11.9.9 billion, an annual increase of 117.3%, plan to process 10 billion white feather broilers in 5-8 years.According to 16% of the raw material trade, the main businesses of Hefeng Animal Husbandry include feed and feed raw material trade, meat and poultry industrialization, and pig breeding.In 2019, Hefeng Animal Husbandry achieved revenue of 177.$ 9.2 billion, an annual increase of 12.96%; achieved a net profit of 11.9.9 billion, an annual increase of 117.3%.In terms of industries, feed products achieved revenue 77.8.6 billion, an annual increase of 6.68%; the poultry industry achieved revenue of 65.9.9 billion yuan, an increase of 41 per year.97%; revenue from raw material trade reached 27.5 ppm, a 10-year average of 16.02%; the pig industry realized revenue 2.2 billion, an annual increase of 74.63%.Hefeng Animal Husbandry pointed out that the decrease in raw material trade was due to the impact of Sino-US trade friction on the main product line, soybean meal, and abnormal market prices, which affected the grasp of the purchase and sales rhythm.In essence, another major product, fishmeal, is also affected by changes in exchange rates, and profits have decreased.In terms of feed, Hefeng Animal Husbandry produced a total of 496 tons of feed, an annual increase of 17%; sales of feed 261.In the 76 years, it increased by 11.29%.Historical breakthroughs in poultry feed, ruminant feed, and aquatic feed have increased by 14%.23%, 11.18%, 7.71%.Obviously, in the case of the overall decline in the domestic pig inventory, the sales of pig feed have achieved a contrarian growth, reaching 90.In 91 years, it increased by 7 every year.7%.Accelerate productivity expansion and expansion of the first echelon As far as the poultry industry is concerned, in 2019, Hefeng Livestock raises white feather broilers2.1 billion birds, an increase of 36% per year; slaughter white feather broilers 5.2.4 billion pigeons, an increase of 15% per year; 133 broiler cuts are produced.In August, it increased by 18% every year.Hefeng Animal Husbandry pointed out that in 2019, the white feather broiler industry will usher in a historically strong cycle. According to the scale of slaughter, the company has ranked among the first echelon of the Chinese white feather broiler industry.With the overall high profit level of the industry, Hefeng Animal Husbandry took advantage of the situation to accelerate the expansion of production capacity.In 2019, Hefeng Animal Husbandry added 5 new breeding chicken farms, 2 new hatcheries, and 450 new commercial chicken houses, and signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with the people’s governments of Taiqian County and Yi County respectively, and related projects were completed.After that, the annual hatching capacity of commercial chickens will be 100 million, and the breeding and slaughtering capacity will be increased1.800 million pigeons, cooked food production capacity 2 additives.In fact, the pig breeding in Hefeng Animal Husbandry is also striding forward.In 2019, Hefeng Animal Husbandry slaughtered 270,000 live pigs and seized the opportunity of inventory reduction to carry out production capacity layout in Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Heilongjiang and other places.At the same time, new projects in Liaoning, Jilin and other places have been put into operation one after another, and the industrialization project of 500,000 pigs in cooperation with the Aohan Banner People’s Government has entered the planning and design stage.In addition, Hefeng Animal Husbandry also pointed out in its annual report that it is expected to achieve the production of 600,000 live pigs and white feather broiler breeding in 20204.More than 600 million pigeons, slaughter 5.The goal of more than 600 million pigeons, and in 5-8 years to reach an annual processing scale of 1 billion white feather broilers, to achieve the goal of providing one Chinese Hefeng broiler every year for each Chinese.Sauna, Yewang Wang Siyang editor Zhu Fenglan proofreading Liu Baoqing