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How to avoid getting angry in the summer, these small methods are very practical.


How to avoid getting angry in the summer, these small methods are very practical.

Note that when the refreshing fruit is on fire, it is necessary to go to the fire, such as eating pears, apples, bananas, hawthorns, sugar cane, etc., thirst, throat, dry fruits, less lychee, pineapple, mango, oranges, etc.Clear fire.”

Pay attention to maintaining a normal life: people who are prone to get angry must go to bed early and get up early, keep a scientific life routine, keep a good night’s sleep, avoid staying up late, avoid excessive fatigue, and reduce the possibility of “getting angry.”

Ensure that the indoor air humidity will get angry in the air-conditioned room for a long time. Because the air in the air-conditioned room is too dry, the indoor air humidity should be guaranteed. The heating room, air-conditioned room can be placed with a basin of clean water, or equipped with a humidifier to maintain the humidity of the room.At around 50%.

What food should I eat in summer?

The summer diet is a university question, the most important thing is how to adjust, the following are the issues that need attention in the summer diet.

Eat more bitter foods, everyone does not like bitter food, but the alkaloids contained in bitter foods have natural pharmacological effects such as heat and heat, promote blood circulation, and relax blood vessels.

The most common bitter foods are bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, and other bitter drinks such as beer, tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. are also bitter food parts.

Eating bitter food on three days can not only clear the inner troubles of the people, refreshing the mind, but also increase appetite, spleen and stomach.

Keeping a normal diet Many people will recognize the weight-loss season in the summer, and eat fruit every day to perfuse the belly. In fact, this is good for your health.

Because the summer weather is hot, the body sweats more, the body is easy to lack water, and the salt is lost quickly. If the salt is not replenished in time, it will reduce the body’s immunity.

In the summer, you should develop the habit of drinking more water, so it is not enough. It is best to ensure that the three meals are normal.

In view of the hygienic diet in summer, it is recommended that you cook at home and prepare some commonly used iodine-containing salts.

It is also essential to use cooking oil in the cabinet. It is recommended to use the peanut oil pressed by the 鈥渟eason peanuts鈥? The cooking is fragrant and the fumes are less.

Eat more hot summer porridge in the summer three meals should pay attention to conditioning, if you are tired of eating can not eat regular rice, you can occasionally drink some summer porridge to adjust.

Mung bean porridge, lentils porridge, lotus leaf porridge, mint porridge and other “heat-relieving porridge” are very suitable for summer health, and the production is also very simple.

The general decoction porridge is light, not the same as the winter glutinous porridge, the taste is suitable for the hot summer, and there is a clear effect of heat and heat.

Scientific supplementation of vitamins into the summer, many people eat “fruit”, using fruits instead of three meals, they think that the fruit can fully fill the stomach, you can also add vitamins.

In fact, vitamin supplements can not be limited to fruits, cucumbers, tomatoes, soy milk and their products, animal liver and kidney, shrimp skin, etc. are ingested with vitamins and calcium.

You can eat more of these foods in your normal diet and supplement the vitamins needed for your body’s metabolism, so remember not to use fruits instead of three meals.

Eat some edible fungi Currently, there are more than a few kinds of edible and medicinal edible fungi.

Edible mushrooms are generally used as mushrooms. It is sweet and has the same heat-clearing and detoxifying effect as bitter-flavored foods. It has a good taste and is therefore popular with women.

The more popular dishes are mushroom stewed chicken, mushroom meat slices, etc., which are relatively simple to make and are very good health home cooking in summer.

It is essential to nourish the heart and soothe the nerves of the summer. The main foods are 鑼嫇, 楹﹀啲, jujube, lotus seeds, bamboo leaves, cypress seeds and so on.