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Demystifying women’s most prone beauty taboos


Demystifying women’s most prone beauty taboos

Everyone has a heart of beauty, and women’s pursuit of beauty is a natural need, but women must also be careful about beauty and whitening. Don’t just surround some whitening misunderstandings just for the pursuit of purpose.

The following is a list of beauty taboos that women are most likely to commit.

Vitamin C abuse Everyone knows that vitamin C is a good whitening thing, and the human body cannot implant it, but abuse of it will be detrimental to the health of the body.

A new study shows that taking vitamin C pills may exacerbate arteriosclerosis; the American Heart Association, Dwyer et al., Examined 573 middle-aged men and women who looked healthy in appearance, and 30% of these people regularly took various vitaminsC pills.

Although the investigation found no clear evidence that eating large amounts of vitamin C from food or taking multiple vitamin pills daily is indeed harmful to health.

But those who take vitamin C pills can quickly thicken the aorta.

If you take more vitamin C pills, the thickening speeds up.

Excessive vitamin C may, for some people, promote the formation of kidney stones; it may also cause gastrointestinal upset, interference with anticoagulants, destruction of red blood cells, excessive absorption of iron and poor utilization of copper.

Fresh plant masks are applied directly to the face. Many beautiful women like DIY. It can be said that they are addicted to fresh natural products. A lot of strange things are rubbed on themselves, but often the results are flat and sometimes cause sensitivity.That rash.
The reason is that the toxins of the unprocessed pure natural articles can be removed, and some sensitizing substances can only be separated from the nutrients, which causes the skin to absorb nutrients and toxic and sensitive substances at the same time without safety.

A series of unhealthy skin conditions will naturally occur.

For example, a fresh lemon mask has a high vitamin C content and is not acidic. If you have allergic skin, you must beware of it.

In addition, the DIY thing is not as good as we think about the beauty of the skin. In fact, most DIY products have a very low cosmetic effect on the skin. The effect is better than beauty products, especially some containingBeauty products with natural ingredients are extracted plant essences, while ensuring product safety.

Of course, the price is.
It’s high, but it’s better to choose a safe product than to recover after an allergy.