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7 reasons to be single

7 reasons to be single

Why must a man get married?

  One: for money.

  I earn enough money to support myself and even take a man out.

Of course, I don’t need to raise a man, I don’t expect it to be a man to raise me.

  Two: For love.


Love is in the novel, in the movie, on the Internet, in the heart, but not in the man, not in the marriage with a man.

  Three: For desire.

  This is a good reason. Some literary dialogues are expected: “I am also a woman!

“I almost predicted and planned to marry.

However, some mornings, I reached the climax with my quilt in the mist, and the same night, falsely undulating under the man.

Since then, I have abandoned this reason.

  Four: For the family.

  My mother said: you marry or not.

Thanks mom!

  Five: For public opinion.

  Take the path of others and let yourself go!

If you don’t say it yourself, what else can someone say that will make you worry?

Of course, this is self-consolation, otherwise I don’t need to find a reason here.

However, as a so-called “woman of the age”, her own behavior is definitely the first characteristic!

  Six: For children.

  Yes, I want to be a mother, like Duras and millions of women, through breeding to become a complete woman.

But I only need a man’s sperm, why do I need to live my whole life.

  Seven: To get married.

  This is definitely the reason that most impressed me.

It’s wonderful to get married for marriage!

But unfortunately, those men always have to find more sounding reasons, they say that I am vulgar.

  One day, or longer, negates an answer.

If you deny an answer, you will find a reason to be single.

  Yes, I’m rich, I’ve loved it, I can’t help myself . Yes, I’m lonely, I’m lonely, I’m alone in my room . But after marriage, I wo n’t be lonelyDon’t you cry?