Massage is an effective way to help you relieve fatigue

What are the effective massage techniques massage is that we are very familiar with the kind of health practices, it is not only simple, but also on the human body has many benefits, so we are also very popular health practices。
Then you know what are the effective massage it on the network the following night to tell us something about effective massage, to help you relieve fatigue!Effective massage technique 1, the friction law (1) palm friction law is circular and rhythmic stroking massage where the body needs, also known as a Moroccan belly。In the Moroccan belly, we can usually touch massage in accordance with this approach: the upper abdomen, navel, lower abdomen, right lower quadrant, right upper quadrant, left upper quadrant, left lower quadrant。
(2) means friction law, middle, ring and small finger surface attached to the treatment site, while the circular rhythm stroke。
Law for the face, chest or some points。
2, rubbing method (1) palm rubbing method, do quick reciprocating linear motion rub。Law contact area, low and slow heat production, mainly for lumbosacral, limbs, shoulder。(2) side rubbing method, it needs to be done fast and rub back and forth linearly movable。The contact area of this method, heat generation is relatively high, relatively fast, can be used for lumbar, shoulder and limb。
Effective massage (3) thenar rub method, do the reciprocating linear motion quick rub。Law contact area is small, rapid heat production, primarily for upper shoulder portion and neck。3, extrapolation (1) palm extrapolation, linearly driven in one direction。Should promote light but not floating, heavy without delay。Law used for the back, chest and abdomen, hypochondrium, leg portion。