Parents must see!"Bird's nest egg nutrition is better" is true or false?(1)

  When it comes to high-end "tonic", "bird's nest, abalone," will become the first choice for most people。Recently, however, some people say is the nest of swallow saliva no nutrition, do not eat appropriate, Nest does not exist, 100% and other statements are false。
  So, bird's nest in the end has no nutritional value?It's how high nutritional value it?Today we will analyze what。  What is the bird's nest?  Bird's nest, in fact, can be seen from the simple text, it is built into the nest swiftlet。
  Turning swiftlets, in fact, it is a kind of bird; "bird's nest" is generally rich in Southeast Asia, such as a swiftlet belong to the Yuyan title after digestion after eating a small fish in the sea, seaweed, the digestive gland secretions building made with feathers from the nest, because often built on the cliffs of the island, and much like the swallows nest on the land of shape, so called "bird's nest"。
  Just a "nest", how high nutritional value it?  Bird's nest nutritional value of various businesses and has been advertising the "praise", a reference to supplements, many people think of it; however, from the "food ingredient" bird's nest to analyze: for every 100 grams of dried bird's nest contains: protein 49 g, 30 g carbohydrates, 10 g water and a small amount of minerals Calcium Iron。  It can be seen from simple nutrition ratio, in fact, bird's nest and we usually eat the food there is nothing "strange place", most of these types of nutrients contained in food which contains all, and contrast some common foods "quality" is even higher than among bird's nest。  Carbohydrates, in fact, is what we usually call "sugar", which basically contains a variety of food, but also are a lot of the human body can play a fundamental role for energy (calories), and there is not much worth telling nutritional role。  Bird's nest among nutritional components relatively large "protein", is indeed a lot of content, but the quality of the evaluation is to look at the quality of the protein is mainly composed of amino acids in a protein, bird's nest protein amino acid composition ratio is not entirely; and comparison, each consumption of "bird's nest" very few, so the protein and no place to show off。  Put another way, eating protein supplements might as well eat bird's nest egg fly。
Want eating bird's nest "nourishing", might as well eat the life "of fish, of thin meat, poultry, eggs, milk" not only protein content is particularly rich, and high absorption rate, the key is cheap。
  Sell bird's nest bird's nest will often say which contain a substance that is extremely magical effect, detoxifies, scavenging free radicals, strengthening the immune system cancer, he called "sialic acid"。Sialic chemical name "N-acetylneuraminic acid", which can indeed be extracted from the protein complex nests out, and sialic acid accounting nest 3% by weight of dry matter?15%, after the measurement there are some health effects。  But there is a problem we need to pay attention to daily life, every meal we eat bird's nest contained the number and the number of scientists to put mice totally not doing comparative experiments, it is only one truth: We are just a sialic acid " myth"。  Bird's nest, expensive food, many people tend their desire, but really not necessary, not as good as a nutritious "egg", but also food safety issues always arise。
So, do not be so-called "health food" that flicker, varied food, adequate nutrition, the most common ingredients of the most tricky, nothing exciting is true。