Children with allergic rhinitis treatment remedies rhinitis baby

Children with allergic rhinitis, if the children had allergic rhinitis, children not only uncomfortable, but also very distressed adults, then children with allergic rhinitis remedies, what does the night together and network to see the introduction of pediatric allergic rhinitis recipe right!Children with allergic rhinitis treatment remedies tea baby moms can prepare a small amount of baby tea, tea pounded the baby powder, after which a small amount of powder into the baby's nose。Note that the amount of powder, taking into account the baby's feelings, to reduce discomfort due to the spread of baby powder to bring。
Baby detoxification effect of tea powder, as well as the effect of swelling and pus, making it suitable for babies suffering from allergic rhinitis。
Bitter gourd bitter gourd child ready first sub-40 grams, put it in a bottle, forced mashed。
After which it was placed in a bottle containing 150 ml of。After the bitter gourd sub-soaked week again Kaifeng。
The wine bottle gourd bitter sub slag removal, specimens standby alcohol。
Dip a cotton swab using the applicator baby nose。Need to adhere to a week, four times a day smear。
This wine is mainly treat nasal congestion and other symptoms。Dry soaked sponge recipe to pediatric allergic rhinitis old loofah tan dry, after which it was ground into powder form。Next, it will be divided into multiple portions, each to take 15 grams。
Finally, we will loofah points against the water, to take the baby to。
Loofah water has the effect of stasis, for babies suffering from allergic rhinitis have some effect。
Many of the efficacy of honey, the baby can use honey to alleviate the symptoms of rhinitis。Perhaps many people do not know, honey actually contains a small amount of the toxin, which is a liquid body of bees。
This type of liquid can ease the baby due by bronchial infection caused by allergic rhinitis。On the other hand, honey also has anti-allergic properties, can improve the ability of anti-allergic baby。