Old Chinese told you, eat what medicine can kidney virtual!(1)

  TCM kidney deficiency or kidney have to figure out is the key。Yin who mostly face red, five upset hot; Yang who is cold, cold extremities, pale。Experts point out that kidney also symptomatic medication。  Into middle age, the physiological function of doom from the gloom, many people back pain, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, less sleep soundly forgetfulness, fatigue, loss of libido, nocturia, signs of aging gray hair, loose teeth, etc., that is, Chinese medicine called impotence performance, then what medicine kidney?  Kidney medicine velvet antler role of kidney yang, essence and blood, strong bones and the like, for kidney deficiency, fine blood deficiency of impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility women cold uterus, urinary frequency, lumbar pain, muscles weakness embolism。In medicine ginseng three kidney powder, Guilingji, longevity balls, velvet are the main components。
According to modern research, velvet containing hormones, gum, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, etc., there are male hormone-like effect, can improve gonadal function, enhanced metabolism, fatigue; promoting regeneration of ulcers and wounds, accelerated healing, and to promote fracture healing。This product is a multi-powder into pills, each dosage –3 g g。Yam, detoxification。  Governance febrile disease, fever, hot sera dysentery, carbuncle ulcers, swollen poison, scrofula, anal fistula。Epimedium kidney yang, strong bones and muscles, rheumatism。
For impotence, seminal emission, soft bones and muscles atrophy, rheumatism, numbness Spasm; climacteric hypertension。Cinnamon fill Yuanyang, warm stomach, in addition to cold accumulator, blood。Vital Huoshuai rule, cold extremities pulse, death yang collapse, abdominal pain, diarrhea, false positive floating more。Eucommia liver and kidney, strong bones, tocolysis。Treatment lumbar pain, foot atrophy weak knees, urine Lek, wet vaginal itch, Tailou want to fall, fetal irritability, high blood pressure。
  Cistanche role of kidney yang, laxative for impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility women cold uterus, vaginal discharge metrorrhagia, poliomyelitis and senile weakness, illness, postpartum intestinal dry constipation。
According to modern research, Cistanche containing traces of neutral material and a crystalline alkaloid, has been improved pituitary – adrenal system function effect, and promote antibody formation。The product decoction taken orally daily dose 10 grams –30 grams of dodder has kidney essence, nourishing eyesight role for the waist and knee pain, nocturnal emission, diabetes, urine can not help, head dark unknown embolism。Medicine pill in nourishing the body, Wu Zi Yan Zong balls, one of the main ingredients are dodder。
According to modern research, dodder sugar glycosides, vitamin A-like substances, animal experiments have uterine contractions and anti-diuretic effect, the goods decoction taken orally daily dose 10 grams –15 grams。
  Gorgon nature, sweet and astringent, have kidney Guse, Spleen stopped the leaks of double effect。"Herbal Classic one hundred kinds of record" as "spleen and kidney drugs also."。"New Materia Medica" also said it "Spleen Gujing"。
"New Materia Medica" and added: "Gorgon irrelevant Yijing, and can astringent refined kidney with yam and with the end of each day after day rice transfer service。
"Where the kidney of the people nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, vaginal discharge, urine can not help or frequency and more, should eat it。  Cordyceps warm, sweet, the role of kidney and lungs, is a valuable medicinal flat reinforcing yin and yang。
Its effect mainly from cordycepin, Cordyceps can benefit liver and kidney。As "the new Materia Medica" it "Paul lung and kidney。
"" Medicinal test "Yiyun:" Cordyceps secret Qi Jing, special supplement Vital。"" Citrus Park little knowledge, "said:" to eat a few pieces of Jiujin, cure between waist and knee pain, kidney has the power。
"Although Cordyceps sinensis is a rare side effect of nourishing strong medicine, but not many people used directly for prescriptions。
Where the kidney are most appropriate to Cordyceps with meats such as pork, chicken or duck, or even fresh placenta stew, become tonic food, more useful。  Wolfberry natured, sweet, with a kidney Liver, benefits smart head, strong bones, in addition to low back pain, and other functions to longevity Jiufu。
Especially in the elderly kidney of the people, eat the most appropriate。
The "herbal Tongxuan" reads: "medlar, Bushenyijing, Shuiwang bone is strong, and diabetes, head faint, back pain knee carry no unhealed。
"" Ben Cao Jing Shu, "also said:" wolfberry, liver and kidney yin deficiency true, Laofa heat to the drug benefit, the old man who Yin ten seven or eight, so taking home the top grade for the benefit of smart head。"Eucommia warm, sweet slightly acrid, will supplement the liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles, kidney deficiency caused by lumbar pain, foot knee weakness, paralysis of the lower limbs in children with kidney two women and impotence caused by habitual abortion, most suitable。
As the Ming Dynasty Doctors Miao Yong explained: "Eucommia main lumbar pain, Yijing gas, strong bones, feet in pain。
Cover waist kidney of the House, can not be shaken, exhausted kidneys will carry on。
Eucommia fill the gap, it is also kidney。
"The role of Polygonum have liver or kidney, essence and blood, kidney ancient physicians were used for the benefit of the people。Ming Li said: "Polygonum multiflorum, nourishing liver and, fine solid kidney, spleen and bones, black mustache hair, nourishing medicine, work over Huang, aspartic various drugs。"Doctors in the Qing Dynasty yellow palace embroidered Yiyun:" Polygonum, Zhu Shu Jie Yan Zi water kidney, black hair and light-weight, do very appreciation。"Anything kidney of human hair as early as white, or waist and knee weakness, myalgia, or nocturnal emission men, women vaginal discharge, eat Safe。
  In addition, although some patients exhibited symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as decreased sexual function, such as backache, leg pain, but it could be because of work fatigue, lack of exercise and irregular work and rest and so out of the question on the lifestyle, just adjust, you can not take medicine。