Child growth and development errors, Mo parents reward children with candy

  For love kids, we used to use candy or other sugary snacks to reward children。
We will be in a normal diet, add a little extra to the children "Sugar"。
As everyone knows good intentions but accomplishing a bad thing, so that children may inadvertently "suffering from" sugar addiction。
  I do not like to eat, leading to nutritional deficiencies。 Since as many children tasted the taste of sugar, it is no longer like to eat, long in the past, it will be unbalanced nutrition。
Because sugar is high-calorie substances, the children candy, do not feel hungry, so every meal points do not want to eat。   Bad for your teeth, resulting in tooth decay。
Sugar bad for your teeth, I believe we have the experience, usually a lot of bacteria in the mouth, eating sugar will produce a film on the teeth, the bacteria will cover more reckless breeding, long past, teeth appeared a hole, never afraid to eat hot and cold food of sweet and sour。
  Easily lead to obesity。
Not easy to digest sugar, can not absorb so many high-calorie carbohydrates, it will be converted into fat stored in the body, so there will be fat, especially the children had more fat, the best control sweets。
  The blood sugar rises, leading to myopia。 Sugar will increase the body's blood sugar children, according to research show that will lead to myopia, in particular, have been a bit myopic children, the impact is more severe。   Affect the absorption of calcium for bone development impact。
The child is in need of supplemental calcium to strengthen bones, calcium is an essential mineral for high long, and too much will produce a substance in combination with calcium, which can not properly absorb calcium。   Children like to tell him how to do harm。 Patiently tell the children candy will be toothache, will not grow, will gain weight, especially children witnessed the scene toothache someone will listen, and hope that their children are high, do not like fat, more or less will have some role, if the baby is not seen others toothache, you can tell a story to the baby。   Do not reward children with sugar。
Children's habits are cultured parents, many parents like to use sugar to reward the child, so the child will be more obsessed with candy, kids are more like。   Parents do an example, the family hold sugar。 Parents should set an example, not in front of children, but also often buy sugar at home, children see will want to eat, the Surface, sugar can make the brain produce a substance that will force the child's sugar desire。   Drink plenty of water to brush your teeth after meals。 A small amount of sugar can eat, but we must remember to brush your teeth after eating, but also to drink plenty of water, take part sugar, glucose concentration and body。