White House officials resigned after another self-identified Trump: I'm always striving for perfection

  China Daily March 7, according to the Associated Press reported on the 6th, since Trump became US president, it has been a number of officials leaving the White House。
The latest one of its chief economic adviser Cohen, Local 6 announced resignation。 The White House renewed chaos of wind, issued a document to refute the earlier Trump on Twitter。
  Trump said that there are new allegations of false news inside the White House mess。 wrong!Government officials come and go normal。   Trump first year in office saw a large number of personnel changes and internal strife, the people familiar with these phenomena attributed to a conflict of interest, lack of experience, and presidential unique style of management。   But Trump defended his style to encourage officials dispute, he said: Before I make a final decision, would like to see a strong dialogue。 But Trump also suggests that things are not perfect, I also want to change the part of the candidates (I'm always striving for perfection), the White House is no confusion, only full of vitality!  It is reported that just one week, the White House has two officers leave。
One is White House liaison director Hicks, the suspect in the House of Representatives to testify, the Intelligence Committee said, because the required work will help to defend the lie Trump, Trump cause discontent, resigned the next day then flash。   Cohen was another person, except as Trump's chief economic adviser, but also the director of the National Economic Council, the resignation, doubt and opposition Trump on imported steel, aluminum tariffs related to。