15 8 Copper Gold Silver 7!WorldSkills Chinese Delegation best record

October 20 electric participate in the 44th World Skills Competition in the UAE Chinese delegation also brought good news for the country!Local time on the evening of October 19, the 44th World Skills Competition in Abu Dhabi, UAE Closing。
More than 1260 athletes from 68 WorldSkills Organization member countries and regions to carry out athletics competitions in six categories 51 projects。 This year is the fourth time China competition。
15 8 Copper Gold Silver 7!The Chinese delegation record the best result of the Chinese delegation in this competition performed very well, participating in 47 competitions, won 15 gold, seven silver and eight bronze medals and 12 prize, she has made China in the World best result since the skills competition。 In addition, China with 15 gold medals columns gold medal championship。 Industrial machinery assembly and adjust project player Albert Song Biao get the highest score award to all players。 CNC milling project players Yangdeng Hui Chinese team won the National Award for Best。 Informed of the 44th World Skills Competition Chinese delegation achieved outstanding results in the race, the Human Social Security has been the first time sent a congratulatory message to the Chinese delegation, congratulated the Chinese delegation on the outstanding results achieved, all the members of the delegation sincere sympathy。
Meanwhile, before the competition, China has successfully bid to host the 46th World Skills Competition, to achieve the bid, participants stated objectives double harvest。
It is understood that the 45th World Skills Competition will be held in Kazan in Russia in 2019, the 46th World Skills Competition 2021 will be held in our country Shanghai。 6 Shanghai players, from left to right are: Yangshan Wei, CHEN Yi Fan, Zhou Think of the phrase, Pan Han Shen, Yang Huifang, hole Yuan Yuan。 They blockbuster!The average age of less than 21 years of the 44th World Skills Competition Chinese delegation, 52 players, the average age of less than 21 years old, 44 male athletes, female athletes 8。 They will compete in transportation and logistics, construction and building technology, manufacturing and engineering technology, information and communications technology, creative arts and fashion, social and personal services and other six major categories of 47 projects。
From the list of medal standings look: the winners are mostly college students, especially vocational schools, teachers, workers and other state-owned enterprises also include。
Prototyping project Huang Feng Jie players are playing information network cabling project Liang Jiawei players are playing cooking (Western) project Qudi players are playing in the body repair project, the Chinese players Yangshan Wei won the gold medal。 Yangshan Wei in training。 Print media technology projects the player Yang Huifang said: "Before talking about the speed of the game, to complete the task as soon as possible, but the World Cup is different, quality first, quality standards, and customer satisfaction, and to continue the production。 Contest the quality requirements to the extreme, to carry forward the spirit of the craftsmen。
To participate in the World Cup of my life is a good temper。 "Not only that, the World Cup also allows players to broaden their horizons, to exercise the skill, the more clear direction for。 Freight Forwarding project player Zhou Think of the phrase, he said: "to participate in the World Cup this high-strength, high level of competition, like some adventure in mind, the World Cup is his own Wonderland (adventure land)。
I will continue in future studies on the skills of career。
"For a long, Editor: Lirui Chen, Xu snow。