f he do not like it when Dad hit ads, tell people, President Laozhang Ren opened a shop in this delicious, dad to take advantage of the rich.”

  He spoke fuss, in fact, with some sophistry, for the most part, share work and life are more open – but he noted that Shengjun Hao Jiang Xiaolian and should have basically hooked up, he did not want do not want to, then her daughter was hiding杭州夜网论坛 in the dark, ignorant, silly to pay.
  ”.Is that right?”She was hesitant to these times, alienated her husband’s attitude, always dodging tone, many piles stacked together.Is it really me when he is busy, he did not take care about it?
  ”You are a man or I’m a man?Listen to my father, that’s right!”
  ”alright.I and so on in the past, you send a dad to me locate.”She nodded hesitantly.
  ”Well, so!”Pei Naochun immediately nodded, became, he hung up the phone, hold the phone went to the door, go a distance, to see for himself where the building Tiansheng Group, on top of sharp corners in the shape of a public building in quite It is obvious.
  In the novel, this is a very important point in time, Shengjun Hao and Jiang Xiaolian closer and closer, the two Lovers, fall in love, self-dealing Shengjun Hao also said to be reminded Jiang Xiaolia南宁桑拿n, the other side of his office to help with your business, in fact, for a place romance – because of this, the Secretariat someone finally could not bear watching, and perhaps could not understand her ascendant, get high wages; perhaps she could not understand a man the third, in short, they shared for 南宁桑拿discussion at rest, who had inadvertently say when Tiansheng Group has not been bigger, occasionally to visit her husband of Mrs. Sheng, filed two loving deeds, Jiang Xiaolian this to be shocked to discover that he had done a small three others.
  Fiction writing is very clear, Jiang Xiaolian know all this time, it is the end of the day before the holidays – and now, she is still ignorant, some engaged in an office romance.
  Pei Dai Jun hung up the phone, is