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  Shengjun Hao made a fire, he flew into a rage: “I’m so late from work, tired enough, and now you want to have a good rest, and you say eat, you will not understand it?People also have to drink?”
  Pei Dai Jun had muttered an apology, and my heart kinda guilty – she wanted, for her to do, really stomach fullness, and others have non-pressing, soup, certainly not happy now?He hurriedly removed the soup, did not dare to your hospitality.Then, is a night of strange bedfellows.
  Of cour南宁桑拿se, she did not know, in fact, before Shengjun Hao home, accompany him is another girl, the two men went out about the will, ate a candlelight dinner, went to the observatory to see the stars, clung to each other苏州夜网, New feelings ahead of a grid, at this time, her gentle, but rather become unsightly fish in the.
  ”what’s wrong?It is not a bad signal?”Pei Naochun puzzled turning direction, to the router by.
  ”No, Sovereign said, can be delicious!”Pei Daijun back to God, should be a laugh.” He also praised the father of it!”It can only be a lie the.
  ”He recognized that, or I give him the soup is getting ready to go?You are not old and recently I have to say it?He said overtime, busy with work, people easily tired, my company and he also so two or three meters, I gave him ready to go, filled with insulation pot, certainly not cool!”Pei Naochun Paizhuoxiongtang guarantee.
  ”it’s not good.”Pei Dai Jun worried about their own just lie was exposed, and then there is the usual point of sixth sense a woman, so she always felt very strange recent husband, asked her to panic and worry.
  ”It’s okay, yo都市体验网u should be more concerned Sovereign!”Pei Naochun pretend education daughter,” you myself think about it, is not the reason?He is busy, you have to know how to understand him, care for him, you talk about, how long did you come to the office to see if he does?Men also will be fragile, we need to care about!You listen to dad, you come now ready to Dad, then, and so we sent up together.Even i