i Daijun state of the video the other end appears good, of the makeup, the background can be seen in the home: “I’m not doing, it highlights the book at home?”She played around a stack of several books about art appreciation and auction industry, and some of her own interest in stray far, she is content to learn.

  ”I sent over last night really tasty soup?Sovereign drink like it or not?”Pei Naochun ever since returned to their homeland, and every week they meet at least once a daughter, Bistro opened more than a month, staggering profits, he tinkling Joseph and daughter to show off, yesterday made a point of holding a large pot of soup to go daughter, cook simple Duck Soup, stood a few Shulan just inside the lotus, excepti北京养生会所onally tasty.
  ”Tasty, Dad’s cooking is particularly good.”She also points last night gave Sheng Sheng dad and mom drink, they have consistently found that the soup than at home with the nanny used to cook better, direct praise, drank his shirt yet,” even her mother and father also said, your dad is a first-class craft soup.”
  ”That is not, or how do your dad.”He patted his chest, wink,” You do not believe me before cooking progress?”
  ”Trust, Dad you really too much bad.”She is very fit, father’s drinking soup yesterday, she was also very touched, in the past when the mother still is the wish Dad a snack, a good enhance cooking, restaurant management Yeah!Unfortunately, Dad changed, but she can not see the.
  ”Yes, you have not said how do you say Sovereign!”Pei Naochun like suddenly remembered.
  ”.”Pei Dai Jun momentary sil南宁桑拿ence last night, she left a specially bowls, wanted her husband to try, after all, this is the father of some mind, it really is good to drink, can Shengjun Hao returned home, he just said he was not hungry, tired with, and she tried to persuade him to try on one, meaning it can provoke angry but he.
  She remembered when sh上海夜网e said altogether to two, one to his taste; one is full of words, try to drink taste; it was annoying but d