id not really confirm, vague, muddle, but he can subconsciously began to start their own thing.

  ”Okay, you can not take.”Pei Dai Jun has been her husband’s hair dryer, combed – her husband’s hair, and she does not like is hard, when previous reading, the students joked that her hair is soft, easy soft heart, be careful not to look after a hair hard, hard heart of the soft-hearted, soft-hearted always lose.Next time students, and she wanted t杭州桑拿洗浴o talk with her, she is also quite good and Sovereign do not?
  ”For the Sovereign.”Pei Dai Jun suddenly remembered something very hesitant.
  ”Something to say.”After Shengjun Hao deliberately turned a surface lying, confirmed the information Jiang Xiaolian reply, mouth faint rise, in a good mood.
  ”.Mom asked me, when we discuss the little child?You have to say that we are not ready to prepare.”Husband and wife for many years, there was nothing shy, but she should take the initiative to open, or use some courage.
  A direct Shengjun Hao turned off the lights, lie flat body: “tired, the sleep, the child thing, what is it urgent?You know, now I’m busy with work, do not make good prepared pregnant, the child is not good, over time, another time it.”
  Pei Daijun lying, obviously living in a bed, but the two men opened the very f杭州桑拿洗浴ar distance.Like heart, gradually, farther and farther.
  What happened in the end?

After (seven) Chapter 62 daughters to marry Homer?(nine)
  The restaurant is located in CBD, restaurants, naturally all the time along the periphery of staff go, and generally open at different shopping centers or residential 广州桑拿网areas, often over the past eleven, was officially ready business – of course, if there are take-away business Some will be relatively morning.
  Kurtis Kodate of the glass door, hanging sign is not opened, the house lights on the head though, can only see a figure that the counter.
  ”Dai Jun, a dad.”Pei Naochun answer the phone, the eyes of his mouth, full of laughter,” What are you doing here?”