le bit pompous pendant crystal lamps, light yellow, sprinkle below, exceptionally warm people.

  Pei Dai Jun rely on the bed, hands turned over the book, think of what the two laugh from time to time.
  ”What laughing?”Shengjun Hao just returned from the bathroom came out, he came back to work overtime to nine more, just took a shower, put on a dark blue short-sleeved silk pajamas, he is rubbing his hair with a towel.
  Pei Daijun although some laziness, or can be immediately stood up to the toilet and pulled out a hair dryer, slightly complained to her husband about the shot, took a towel from the other hand, rubbing his help: “You see, still dripping water it!Wipe do not know, how to do when sick.”Her gentle way, opened北京桑拿会所 a hair dryer,” I did not laugh, do not laugh at me dad.”
  ”How a father?”Shengjun Hao some impatience in front of the bathroom, he had just sent a message to Jiang Xiaolian, not so back then, he was caught Pei Dai Jun, and he may not always made it in each other’s eyes?
  ”He, ah, recently I started playing the stock.”Pei Dai Jun voice was full of laughter, her father may have shared that a full buy stock method naive idea, but the father is to pay attention to people – lost eggs?Baskets, investment money is not too much too much, is the former home with a deposit, she really happy to see my father, he is also very happy, “you do not know how my dad silly method of buying stocks.”
  Shengjun Hao laughed within herself, he did not think the father would buy the stock, something which he could not handle.
  His heart suddenly move, he changed his mouth was another saying: “Either my father-sponsored funds point?Since he likes the stock, multi-funds are fun?”
  ”Why much money?”Pei Daijun a rip off,” my dad this be of interest, 杭州夜网论坛but does not depend on this money, small restaurant recently heard it quite prosperous.”
  ”You do not understand, my father and talk!”Shengjun Hao a wave, not seriously, silently playing a small abacus, his heart still a little idea d