Or into the swan song of this Chinese "comfort women" upcoming documentary!

Xinhua Beijing, August 9 (Xinhua) (Wang Zhongyi Liu new) August 14 is the world's "comfort women" Day。 On this day, surviving a record Chinese "comfort women" full-length documentary film "Two Dozen" will be screened in the country。 According to public records, during World War II, there are at least 200,000 Chinese women became the Japanese "comfort women" suffered inhumane destruction。
Why did you choose this subject?What is behind the filming of the heavy?In this regard, film director Guo Ke accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua。
[Origin] "I did not choose this theme, it chose me。
"In 2012, a chance to see the article let Guo Ke unforgettable。
"A" comfort women "gave birth to the Japanese children" tells the story of Wei Shaolan old and her son Luo good science: in 1944, 20-year-old Wei Shaolan by the Japanese forced recruitment as "comfort women", three months after the tough fled comfort station, she discovered she was pregnant, then had to take medicine, tried to commit suicide, but did not die。 Son Luo good school now has more than 70 years, mother and son had each other, Luo good science never married, because no woman willing to marry him。
Guo Ke popular touch, through many find, and finally with the help of a professor of the "comfort women" issue expert Su Zhiliang, successfully found Wei Shaolan old man, and took a short documentary film。 At that time, the country's remaining 32 "comfort women" survivors, it will take the title as "thirty-two"。 Guo Ke Wei Shaolan and the elderly。 (Source: interviewed provided) in the "thirty-two" the process of making, after another died of old news, Guo Ke feel let down on a documentary urgent。 By 2014, when Guo Ke began preparations for a new documentary, this figure has become a "Two Dozen"。 Three years later, these old people are living, the remaining nine。 [Dull] "If the subject is my grandmother, I'll shoot how she would go about her how。 "90-minute film, mainly to show the daily life of twenty Erweilaoren: an old man looking at photos of Japanese said with a smile: they are old。 An old man like shelter homeless kitten, but also save their own rations to feed them。
An old man living alone, time to go quietly。 An old man singing nursery rhymes: heaven rain and slippery road, own their own climb fall, own sorrow own solution, gravity wipe the tears from……Guo Yan Ketan some viewers may feel "Two Dozen" too dull, lack of conflict "can not see the history of storms."。
But he insists: "There is no need to suppose that the so-called conflict, they dig scars, to stir up hatred。
"" The audience to go around them, and brought them to the door, they look at, look at their lives, enough。 "Linai Lan elderly。
(Source: interviewed provide) [the pain continues] Few people know that the "comfort women" life in the end how much the crime to have been, might even be difficult to express themselves so clear。 When outsiders vehicle entered the village, the village people sitting chatting began exchanging eyes, they know very well, "someone to her home to send things."。 What is more, half of the village's men will be crowded in to watch the victim's yard。 Guo Ke said in an interview: "There are a lot of people mentioned the 'comfort women', they also felt shame, even today, 70 years later, it was still a closely guarded secret for them。 "The current average age of a few surviving 'comfort women' elderly are 90 years or younger, basically sick, the disabled, woke up every day to eat, eat and sleep, sleep on the kang leaning daze。
In addition to those unspeakable suffering was a young man, they appear to resume a normal life in the relationship with their children are also more alienated。 Shanxi Pian Ying Huan children the elderly, he has said his mother does not want to know the history, or even that the mother's past made him feel a bit disgraceful, "if he had been poked spine"。 "Understanding the elderly is the greatest help to them," Guo Ke said in an interview。
Crew team and parallel Huan Ying elderly。
(Source: interviewed provided) flow to the heart [tears] "This is not a sale of suffering and tears of the movie。 "" In fact, their lives had to settle, if from a distance, their lives will have it every day with hate?"Guo Ke think," They have their own way to digest these historical, old people want to live, you will not often licking their wounds。
"" Two Dozen "told the audience, face pain, not hate all day, but do not forget a moment, calm but also a powerful response to pain。 Guo Ke so impressive that the elderly after Wei Shaolan suffered so much pain, still says: "This world is so good, I did not want to die now, this world is booming……"Twenty Erweilaoren the film, and today only nine。
Every time an old man passed away, Guo Ke will add to the name of the elderly in the credits box office。
But recently these days, old people going too fast, he even boxed too late……He said that maybe one day he would erase all those boxes back to that old man facing the camera laughing ah laugh when they had met, as if all these years, they never left。 Editor: Fei Fan。