time to learn how long this thing is cooking, profound, really is difficult.

  ”Sweep the two-dimensional code, forty-fifth.”That middle-aged woman quite deft hands and feet, catching sight of the two girls to pay, quickly reported the bill, pointed to the counter, and now do not receive bills Xing.
  ”it is good.”Liu did not intend to let Jiang Xiaolian pay, she went over, this find, the boss is supported with a book looking at -” Stock situation: how to make you not be affected in the stock market turmoil “, stood beside several of the most of this on top of it, talking about the “stock trading: from entry to the master”, a look that is found after the stock, according to the sales ranking, recommended that several, 南宁桑拿“the boss, you also see it on the site stock?”
  ”Ah, learn.”Pei Naochun very easy-going reply, not a moment eyes away from the book, he even pretended to inadvertently looked at the books when live, paving the way it is doing.
  Liu hesitated want advice, stock market surging, not see so few of the newcomers to the teaching book o苏州夜网n the line, but outsiders can not say anything, she hesitated and then said no more, and they left holding hands Xiao Lian.
  ”Well, today’s stock Laopei say it to end here.”Pei Naochun did not wear masks, though saliva flying, quite matter – after all he has done is their own meals if they eat to have to pay attention to this, it is estimated to go vacuum the lab to cook,” Stop I live this is serious teaching cooking, you do not bring me crooked, and every day I say the stock research.”
  [Laopei, you’re right, they have the wrong perception of what it?Is not you live stock analysis?]
  [Weak weak ask, Laopei say these stocks is appropriate to start with it?I feel quite tricky, he said.]
  [Knock okay?Laopei just watching him from behind a pile of entry to abandon stocks novice book, you look at his method of analysis, no北京夜生活t eggs in one basket, look for one hundred stocks, selected good point fifty?Black question mark, we are ordin