so immediately moderate the other salty, pick people’s taste buds conquest, “delicious!Xiao Lian, you eat fast!”Eat food, not even in front of this is the first day I saw colleagues feel kindly face up.

  Jiang Xiaolian head back to see people eat the food in this way, she does not always pay attention to their appetites, casually hit a tablespoon of offal and soup into his mouth, offal treated very clean, while the smell of cattle, other strange taste not appear, the proportion of herbs grasp just no way people feel bitter, mellow soup, obviously oil floating point, onl深圳桑拿网y to feel the taste is rich, completely tired, she could not help but drink The second mouth, the eyes are placed light –
  ”It’s delicious, right?”Liu could not help but ask?
  ”Ah, especially tasty!”
  What are you waiting for?They did not say much, eat together buried their heads up, like other customers杭州桑拿 in the shop, after only eat belly full, in order to get to chat a few words, why did these two meals, a people can not help warming up to drained, then a slight delay, you may lose it a special flavor?
  Pei Naochun pleased to see the movement of a room, nodded his drawer, is closed with a moderate price bracket for stable mobile phones to take, he recently set up as a line of work, live, just in this life, that are engaged in the broadcast eat food plus, because his own restaurant, live every day to eat than others point to open too early, he was ready to own part of a person meals, then eat happy, one does not leave, these days, already have a lot of regular viewers watch live.
  God knows, he learned how to cook hard, do not show off Hing?
  Pei Naochun and original body, will do a lot of food, basic version is also available, he sec北京夜网retly found a 009, thought to be a black science and technology transfer, but was 009 to hang out, do not say anything to each other silent he is a credit account, then gave him a bunch of VR version instructional video – God knows, he entered the room of stagnation that