sty and easy to eat, playing a bowl of soup, into the pot to hand stirring with chopsticks, despite its ups and downs, this dish, the emphasis is on material good, really, and that of the control soup, herbs, spices already pack into a small bag in the sink bottom, large pieces bone and homemade butter, cook for a long time, it has been based in the inside, and even more do not put too much seasoning.

  Have a good grasp of his time, effort this time has played a semicircular meal, throw in a square on a special plate, next to flutter point cut vegetables silk solution tired, the surface of the oil smoked pork chops happy cut pork chop is thick, a full two fingers close together thick, cut into chunks, cheese cheese gurgling inside out, this time has been put on the dish, sprinkle with sauce in the last two full tablespoons of meat, color, flavor already live together, back around and just time, put in a北京夜网 pre-spice bowl, pour this rice noodle soup, beef ribs with a good cut, blinds, cow intestine, the only missing is that the only ginger and green onion or water – restaurant table has, according to personal habits put.
  ”Well, little girl, eat, skinny.”Pei Naochun picked up the plate, on the counter, either side of two dishes, obviously could not beat the eight-pole, but because the same delicious, reached a delicate harmony, he began to call the next customer, obviously did not and too many people greeting, but he felt he was wonderfully open-minded and dignitaries good attitude.
  ”On Eat.”Liu solemnly with folded hands, symbolically say a few words, moving from the chopsticks, pork chops her first bite into his mouth, eyes narrowed at once, showing a happy face – I do not know how to deal with later, Seya not bite and solid fles南宁夜网h, full of gravy and crispy crust collide, but do not affect each other, also issued a hot cheese cheese, you can pull out a long wire, into his mouth, clearly feeling the sense of presence, this clip she just met a little meat, but we can al