e, the two tall not short, you can see inside the boss of the operation, very spacious kitchen, a man more than enough, although not really big store, a boss can see on the very particular about hygiene, and everything in perfect order, boss of the head with a chef hat, hands and gloves.

  I saw his side is simple beef soup pot, now turned into two, one is pure soup, one can see the vague wealth of inside stuff, top half hanging from a steel lattice frame, getting bigger, placed inside each formula variety of offal, Shelter, tendons sub meat.
  On 广州桑拿网the other side of the fryer never stopped doing things quite simple, that is, pork cutlet, I saw how he did not have at the time, such a mention, golden crispy pork chop was fishing up, scented.
  Liu almost drooling, busy looked up to the menu, the menu is divided into two, one side like a traditional beef shop, choose simple and complex, can be pure beef soup, you can also add or face powder, to put what specific materials, by themselves, clearly marked, lavish; the other side, it is not simple half in Western cuisine, cheese is a cheese pork chop, a pure pork row, you can add rice and special sauce.
  Shop altogether on the two men, a la carte is a part-time chef owner, the other is about middle-aged women but where part-time, the cash register is only responsible for washing dishes and wiping tables.
  ”Xiao Lian, we call it都市体验网 together.”Liu looked at each other’s eyes almost joined the hunger.
  ”.Row.”She looked at the price, just do not point too much, or in the acceptable range.
  ”Boss, I want a pork chop cheese cheese sauce plus rice plus; a bowl of offal powder!”
  ”Row!”Pei Naochun house neat promised, pork chops he prepared in advance, pure hand-made cheese with cheese are a good sign of things, as the bomb wrapped in clothes outside, it was a private recipe, his neat to choose the right time, then reflexive to come, first winners of the powder, the store is fine with round rice, offal meal you have to use the powder, ta