handed Zhou Xiuying, “Mom!Cut out some of yo苏州桑拿ur hard work, noon to everybody snacks!”It is also know that good health after their own daughter, Ruan Guohua and Fang Xiulan two hands this generous some, if usually a detour, not to say come back at noon, will not be willing to buy half a catty deposit braised pork brought back.

  It is the county seat of well-established shop which sells braised pork, braised pork this particularly tasty, but also sell you do not say, half a catty to seven or braised pork ounces of captives, most people are prohibitive, Ruan Guohua and remembered their own daughter well, this is the rejoicing thing, this bite the bullet and buy a half a catty of braised pork, no lunch break at noon, and colleagues directly connected to a bicycle, riding more than an hour, finally came back, it is time to eat ten minutes , finished inside will go down to the county to ca深圳桑拿网tch.
  This braised pork only handed Zhou Xiuying hands, and everybody can be divided to go to the ward if they can not see the flesh Momo.
  Zhou Xiuying liked this youngest confidence in their appearance, she put the bag put in the hands braised pork under weigh, yo!Really a lot of blanket!
  While happy to give her granddaughter to make up good body, but in the end a bit distressed, “and spending money!”
  Ruan Guohua wiped my face, a look of a smile, “to make up the body Mom, do not feel bad!”He made these remarks said, his face wrinkled son Zhou Xiuying has deepened a bit,” Your mother and I coax it!”Then, she went to the kitchen, hand surgeon put the braised pork knife blade down, about a third film about feeling, she carefully put the rest of braised pork to receive the cupboards inside, with white bowl with a clasp, white bowl sitti都市夜网ng above a ceramic pot, pots filled with cold well water.
  Although the weather is not hot, but it can not afford to put all cooked, sitting with the cold water, you can put two days.
  Nguyen rain explore his head, “milk, my parents took me to a pair of ch