rs, and Shen Shen Yu Xiao stand in the dark, easily see both of them look like.

  The two men were wearing tracksuit, that which is walking down the stairs.
  Shen Shen Xiao Yu asked: “Li always divorce yet?”
  Shen Xiao said: “I never heard of, it should be clear when the white Mu or small raised.”
  Shen Yu thought, this Bai Muqing really did not give up, obviously very good conditions for oneself, but also to Liyuan Hui when or small, is clearly directed at the family background Liyuan Hui to go, the last face in front of Shen Xiao Li Yuanhui, and the white Mu Qing the purpose of say it, it seems that is not the intention of the Liyuan Hui.
  I do not know that this time, the white Mu Qing Yi Stuart’s goal is still Shen Xiao??

Chapter 100
  New house close to campus, less than 15 minutes drive the南宁夜网re, if there are classes in the morning, Shen Yu will not have to rush just as usual, Shen Xiao go to work closer, soon to be able to walk.
  Shen Yu think living here is very good, she even want to consider what Uncle Li’s room into a bedroom, so you can come live with him.
  When these thoughts she can tell Uncle Li, Uncle Li refused, “you young people, would like to live there, it is normal, but I’m too old, or do you want a quiet environment, say, I this yard so many vegetables, watering every day can be busy.”
  Shen Yu helpless, can only give up, thinking about the future on both sides to live like a live.
  Do not have to get up early every day to catch up with school classes to catch up, there is also the downside, such as always between half awake, was Shen Xiao grabbed for exercise, do not know how he would be so exuberant en苏州夜网ergy.
  June morning early, Shen Yu since moved to a new house to live, it is not up lazy morning exercise, nor is she deliberately lazy, mainly to sleep every day before will be holding Shen Xiao exercise, but one to do that several times, each times have to endure her soiled pillow to sleep.
  Prior to the villa there,广州桑拿 there are two at home as well a