in the morning, which is working to help teachers introduce, albe杭州桑拿洗浴it summer jobs, wages can not low, there’ll be the chance to stay in this job, she especially cherish, though, and colleagues wanted to lay a good relationship, can naturally some lukewarm cowardly, she really did not know how to take the initiative: “well, we go together!”

  She Carter, once a heart pumping, she is his bread with some instant noodles – seniors said that she did know, CBD in restaurant prices are not too low, if you really want to save money, you have to takeout can some companies, employees are demanding, is not allowed to eat at the station, she was afraid he embarrassed to ask, what was the special zone, but on impulse, agreed to the demands of others, it does not make money, We have to spend money to go out.
  ”Recently our turn that place, opened a new shop, I heard that is especially good, I’ll take a try.”L南宁夜网iu very happy enraptured, she has always pay attention to the body, and yet is full of food goods, the meals are point again, eat and waste, only trying to find a meal in the company of a small partner can join as a partner.
  Jiang Xiaolian did not dare to ask, only to hear the other side excited tone, a bit worried – t广州桑拿hat it will not be expensive?
  Out of the office this building Tiansheng Group, where, over a crossroads, turn a small corner, went to Liu said the shop – in fact this position, strictly speaking, in the CBD, be a little biased, did not know the road people, kinda hard to find, which is the former store takeaway reason to do it up close, I saw the store quite simple, using the original wooden cafe sign, but was changed to “Kurtis small restaurant” name , inside bustling place filled with people, that there are a lot of people line up at the counter and kitchen.
  They both more clever, just inside there are tables of people together, and before those who were hired to clean up the boss, Liu busy to take the package will occupy his seat, took Liu to the counter lin