s very appreciated, and I said son wanted to help intro苏州龙凤网duce the chef to shop work.”” Listen daughter-in-law busy recently, she was worried about his poor health, I am also worried for the.”

  Of course, this account is still no fans, just telling their own stories, but Pei Naochun’d run quite comfortable, which is mental arithmetic did not mind, not only Shengjun Hao will do.
  Located on top of the counter door, is wearing two strings of fake firecrackers, crackling ringing, the door broke a rhetorical style inflatable door, put five or six baskets – although the inscription is Shengjun Hao Pei Dai Jun couple may also impressive enough , whenever someone pass by, you know that here opened new stores.
  whenHowever, soon after, he will do some line of work, more mixed world, nothing will be the point, but added at this time, can come in handy.
  At this point, Pei Naochun behind the counter, has been converted into a semi-open kitchen, inside is divided into two sides, one Chinese, and support the cauldron, is what burning mumble mumble, it has been emitting a fragrance, on the other side , there are iron, air fryer these west-style instruments, currently just think so, it is unclear in the end what is selling.
  Pei Dai Jun mentioned, to support his business, eat a meal, he resolutely refused – he insisted, to wait for their own business is booming, and again, to give his daughter to such a hand.
  He readily open Taobao, shipped it, there are two parcels nationwide tour, it was his next point to use the gadget, which has not come yet.
  Tin Shing Group Secretariat.
  ”Off work, go eat, you do not together?”Secretary Liu has been working at more than five years, she looks gorgeous is hanging, the company has a lot of gossip about her, and she looks really different, not around any peach accident.
  Ji北京风月网ang Xiaolian an older generation speak, hurriedly things on the table to close the income, which is the first day she came to work, almost exclusively familiar with the work