d no time to train children, the past two years, almost nothing will simply married life, and how she can do?

  ”We are, we are still working on it this.”She continues to operate, gently stroking.
  ”Now you have to take advantage of the young, as soon as the child was born, this woman ah, still have to have a child, life was successful.”She深圳桑拿网ng mother taught her firm philosophy of life, not forgetting birth,” you think, in tow for a few years older you up, and that time it was older mothers!”
  ”Ah, I know, Mom you say is good for us.”
  ”My words may be unpleasant, but you have to know, my dad and his older, just wait for it grandchildren!”
  ”Ah, I will work hard in.”Pei Dai Jun heart with a sigh, do not give birth to a little scattered confusion, she has always been considerate of all the people around, but also willing to compromise, that her husband worked hard, try to understand each other, since the mother may have reminders, and she still have to find time, and her husband says a say.
  She looked down at his stomach, some wistful, she was quite right and wrong that people should have the child’s family line, she is fond of children, but also longing to have a husband and her children are alike, but.
  In short, she find time to talk about it and Sovereign?I do not know when he can not busy few.
  @ Kurtis Bistro: grand opening, thanks to the support son and daughter, specially sent flowers, I am very happy!
  Pei Naochun lying on the counter, made a micro-blog, which he上海夜网 registered a microblogging small two weeks, from before returning home, began to be made, between the lines, are all showing off her daughter, son show off, showing off her son’s room sweet emotion –
  ”With the support of son and daughter, travel abroad for many years, multinational absorb food experience, the time has come to return it a good time to shop!Share travel photos, and thanks to the son and daughter of understanding.”” Start simple decoration, specially sent to see her daughter, she wa