not understand, Pei Dai Jun was on a college student, how to u上海419同城对对碰nderstand this truth, they hire a carer, to find a month to find the top, also tens of thousands of pieces, but do not That said, a few days, take a few thousand can be solved, if he and Pei Dai Jun retention, time-consuming cost two people, not better care workers find it more expensive?

  ”.It is nothing.”Sheng mother murmured answer, half body leaning Pei Dai Jun’s body, no longer speak.
  Trio quickly to the hospital, had undergone a simple check, Sheng mother then changed clothes, entered the hospital dedicated VIP ward waiting time to start the operation, Shengjun Hao says it will do, or even worse, he before the operation began, pick up the phone, he said that the company has a temporary foreign partners over, he was going to contact, leave in a hurry, of course, before leaving, he did not forget to Sheng mother a hug and told her do not worry.
  ”he’s gone?”Sheng mother lying in bed, apparently son was soon say goodbye, she was like not believe like asked again.
  ”Ah, Sovereign busy mom you know, we, ah, he understands.”Pei Dai Jun to help tuck tuck, gently explain, grabbed hold mother’s hand, gently pressed, say coax people say,” The 南宁夜网doctor and I promise, and no pain, and soon, we finished surgery, see but not a day later than four days from now, will be able to leave the hospital, especially simple, do not worry mom.”
  ”I’m not afraid.”Mom fooling Sheng, a long while, spoke up,” Dai Jun, when you are willing to have a baby?”Lying in bed, think things can be more, if she was leaving today, most unfortunately, it is not able to see grandchildren.
  Pei Dai Jun robust, men’s movements are stopped – can not make bricks without straw, she should get a life out of little child?Her husband is busy every day, can not get home a few days a month, and sometimes just met her inconvenient day, plus her husband tired, no energy, a few years ago said that it was contraception, career development, the husband sai