ing, I do not know the other party can not cored cored?

  ”I still do tomorrow.”Shengjun Hao frowned,” Mom, you know, I can not do without the other end Tiansheng, I squeezed out of this is specifically a day, do not worry, I have asked friends, this is a minor operation, I’m looking for care workers and the family doctor with you.”
  ”.You busy, the busy, so much of a company are down on your body, it is certainly to be busy.”Sheng mother barely smile, a look very bad mood, she does not hide his prime, and her husband respect each other, the relationship will be like, and even she was going to surgery, also say the afternoon to go, anyway, son and daughter go, he stood in the chaos that is, if her husband to accompany bed, she was afraid the other party will also be asleep than she.
  Is home to no shortage of this money, you can ask the doctor, please care workers, but深圳桑拿网 she needs, this has never been.
  ”Mom, I’m here.”Pei Daijun by the past,” At night I sleep with you, together we re-admitted to hospital and discharged together.”
  ”Well, there you like.”Sheng mother worried about his son afraid, affecting work, called rounders, pretending to not care,” Actually I am a man will do.”Which line do?Particularly vulnerable people when they are sick, that she was to do eye surgery, although everyone says safe, which if something went wrong it?She hospital or with a sense of fear.
  ”Ah, nothing to worry about.”Shengjun Hao nod, to really major surgery, and that he should go home to go home, cataracts can under the conditions of modern medicine, minor surgery is not a very simple yet?He does not understand what the hell are worried.
  Besides, they can have a professional do care workers?Not, he sa苏州桑拿网id, which would Pei Dai Jun thin arms spindly legs, perhaps even his mom does not help them, but also how to take care of people?They compared these half-fuss live in that, in respect of professional people to do professional things!
  There is the easiest cost theory, Shengjun Hao do