”okay.”Pei Dai Jun nod, which has come to the downstairs, her mother just finished clothes, she was distracted, no longer say this,” Mom, your medic杭州夜网ine in the morning ready yet?Dad is not here today to talk past?”
  ”He went out and people go to play golf, and I eat medicine.”Sheng mother pampered, she is very mellow, color white, wearing red, is杭州夜网论坛 lining awfully,” Yes Dai Jun, the good effect that drops you bring me, help me to be more than a few, but these days the doctor can not say, I have not used.”
  Her eye is not good, there is a long eyelashes backwards problems, doctors say what the eye muscle relaxation, she could not understand, only know that he is uncomfortable eyes every day, Pei Dai Jun know, a lot of help she asked the doctor, buy a wide variety of potions, this time bought was a field doctor recommended she drops a couple of days, comfortable with a lot of.
  ”Well, I’ll buy you, Mom, you look good today, this body.”
  ”is it?This is last year’s clothes, I looked fit, wearing a Take out.”Mom Ting Mei Sheng, also turn a circle.
  ”Mom, it is not yet made an appointment time?”Shengjun Hao looked at the watch – in fact they are better than the appointed time, ahead of some to get up, but he was a bit impatient, do not k苏州夜网论坛now is not wearing a dress, what to buy two drugs, it is necessary to specifically say?
  ”Well, well, then we go.”Mom has always been very Sheng listen to his son, holding his wife went away, still quietly talking about,” Dai Jun, time to surgery you will stay with me?I was afraid to head.”Sheng mother do is cataract surgery, do it with your eyes, your ophthalmologist is a small city, Pei Dai Jun was afraid of her nervous, and doctors to communicate in advance, and try to shorten the time in the hospital, are needed to prepare simple home done, do a check this morning, late afternoon you can directly surgery.
  Pei Dai Jun was about to answer, could not help but look to her husband, she was a few days ago and Shengjun Hao said this th