Crisp braised carp recommended practice authentic Zhejiang cuisine

Crisp braised carp practice, we all know crisp braised carp is one of the representatives, the taste is very delicious, but also very suitable Baoma eat, so crisp braised fish approach is kind of how it together and go and see small series practices crisp braised carp introduced it!Stew fish cakes nutrients present approach 108 kcal calorie recipes, grams of protein, grams of fat, carbohydrate grams, 130 milligrams of cholesterol, 79 mg of calcium, 193 mg phosphorus, 290 mg potassium, mg sodium, 41 mg of magnesium, iron, mg , mg of zinc, selenium microgram, mg copper, manganese mg.Production Method 1.Fish kill dry clean water, add the wine and soy sauce pickled ginger pieces 2.Marinated fish pat dry starch 3.Sit boil oil, heat the oil to the extent of risk to burn, put the fish wok frying 4.Fried fish to look back pan to ensure deep-fried fish 5.Pour hot oil, leaving low oil, ginger scallion on the pot stew fish cakes blasting what approach 6.The fish on the pot 7.Plus seasoning (soy sauce sour wine), see the white sugar spices, sugar and vinegar this dish in an amount greater than 8.Add broth, fire boil, turn a small fire stew to taste the fish completely, turn off the heat in the pot stew 9.This dish can be eaten cold can also be hot food, hot food steaming best way to heat, avoid fish crumble Conclusion: These are the small series to introduce the contents of 6681, and we want to help and want to know more diet introduction to you, please continue to focus on 6681 net oh!。