She held out her hand towards: “Nice to meet you.Bo Dina.”

  Yu Pei skin paler than his brother, his slender fingers in the dim light irradiation, Yingying hair with jade-like luster.
  Donna just reached out, put a cool white hand holding the hand of Yu Pei.
  Two joints slender hands hold together in midair, Yu Pei Yu Ze surprised to see the opposite.
  Yu Chak said: “Do not be so polite.”
  After Pei Yu stunned for a moment, smiled and said: “Well, listen to you.”He looked to Donna, she said:” I took her to be treated as a family.”
  ”Ok.”Yu Ze hand back.
  After the fall Yu Pei lifted the hand, cried faintly to entertain, entertain took from the hands of handwritten menu, the list he first gave it to Donna diagonally opposite.
  ”Lady first.I do not know your tastes, just order.”He laughed softly.
  ”Thank you.”Donna like a lady, Minchun smile when took the menu.
  Yu Ze looked across this secretly and Zhangzi Xian to mix together against him, next plane and smile harmless to humans and animals brother, I feel mixed emotions.
  Has been a sad sad, nothing to be worried about, Yu Pei does not like he is not one or two days a.
  By now,