When a sister of origin, the original owner and he was able to talk, and micro-Xin long talk with him, others feel good.

  After Xu Xianglin with separately, she went to the bookstore to pick a few of the recipes, went to the supermarket to buy a lot of food, ready to learn to cook at home.
  From the elevator to come out, the phone rang, her shopping bags on the ground, one side connect the call.
  ”Slightly, you home yet?”Xu Xianglin’s voice from the phone.
  ”To ah, how the?”
  ”I just forgot to tell you, invited him to dinner for my birthday this weekend, are you coming?”
  Xin long press the hands-free micro, holding a cell phone, carry a bag in one hand and touch the keys to open the door, he said: “Of course I’m going ah your birthday.”
  Xu Xianglin very happy, excited and said: “That line, and so determine the address I sent you, you remember watching.”
  ”it is good.”
  She pinched the phone, going into the room, closed the door suddenly opened next door.
  Wearing casual clothes Xing twilight first came out, he glanced at her, Mouguang dull, frosty face.Behind followed me out a middle-aged man wearing a suit, his mouth ramble said: “Whether it is eating or sleeping, we must note that your situation has