To the security department of the brothers to smoke, while smoking while under notice: at night, Ben Shan Xian there or be square!

  The meal he did not let Chen diving to his free single, diving Chen did not give him a free single.
  Ye Xue Fu afternoon there is entertainment after work, Chen Liang Song and diving then let the brothers go to Ben Shan Xian began to eat, saying that thing back late.
  Then he drove to see the Chakun.
  When Chen diving into the room to open the door, the scene in front to really be scared to live.
  The room is a mess mess.
  Soon, he saw a weak breath Chakun at the kitchen radiator.
  Chakun right hand and heating pipes bound with rope with a mass of mess, all deadlock, there is no possibility to open the kind of deadlock.
  The hand has Chakun Le purple blue, apparently caused by blood does not flow, if this time too long, it may make the whole arm are destroyed and.
  Shocking front of the screen, but Chen diving performance was very calm.
  He is clear that he could see how everything happened.
  Chakun heard footsteps, slowly opened his weak eyes, to see Chen diving, his mouth revealing a faint smile.
  ”How, do hang on to live?”Chen diving spoke, he found scissors to cut the rope hand Chakun.
  Chakun stood up diving under Chen’s arm: “make it,.