Very professional.”

  Under the eye looked at him with hope.
  Male etiquette silently approached, tilt the bottle in his hand, his quilt to inject water.
  Yao Ji ceremony: “but only on the Science Channel.why?Because it looks just like a documentary.More than watch, enjoy inadequate.”
  The eyes of those who hope to be ashamed to replace.
  An Qian shook his head slightly, it seems that the meeting was not any to have a program to be adopted, but this is normal, and good works are produced in constantly running, not born in compromise.
  His eyes suddenly and etiquette that pour collision, his mouth slightly open, “Lin” sound almost on the issue came, Lin-sheng wink at him quickly, he admitted this.
  Lin-sheng fast heartbeat, his tie below the other with a hidden camera.
  After the water booing, Yao Ji ceremony should be thirsty, ready to pick up the cup to the mouth, Lin-sheng busy small channel the sentence: “Be careful hot!”
  Yao Ji drinking ritual action suddenly a lag, Leng Leng look to this very familiar male voices etiquette.
  Forest Health looked at him a look of surprise, playful lips bent down, raised his neck, did not know the camera will not take into account.
  Get a surprise!
  Yao Ji ceremony upon her fist to his mouth to cover up the mouth with a cough of laughter