After a lapse of 28 years!That so many people love the man is back

  What is your time to tears when, for the childhood memories, sweetheart teenager?And I, is now。   Today, a news aroused our attention: "Slam Dunk" return again!  22 years ago, the North of the most powerful king of the hill that once desperate duel, was boarded the front pages of newspapers!!  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "Youth JUMP", Shueisha released a newspaper will accompany those years our heroes assembled again。 "Youth JUMP" own "Dragon Ball," "One Piece" and a series of works to accompany us in the same year, but this time still left to the North of the front page of teenagers。
  And a lot of people, once again followed the final vote Yingmuhuadao, as if to open the enchantment of time, the blood back to that era again。   In fact, the "Slam Dunk" began serialization in 1990, two years short of the necessary 30 years。 30 years ago, or the 20th century, that our youth is already a thing of the last century。 Once chasing the "Slam Dunk" who are also into middle age。   But they will also still on the basketball court for the teenagers excited, tears。
  Of course, some would say, is not an animation, as you?  Some would say that I have not seen, and why it can be so many people love it?  Most people's memories, "Slam Dunk" is a group of high school students playing basketball。   There is a male orang, called Yingmuhuadao, from rookie to main, every day is a genius talks about himself。
  Person handsome man of few words chuanfeng, many girls are the first generation of men of God。
  Basketball as faith Akagi just Gazette。   She cried three points I want to make basketball genius of Mitsui Life。   Also, or Kanagawa tram stop, this classic scene。   But in fact, "Slam Dunk" basketball is not only a right, but also life; Inoue Takehiko painted not only the youth, but now。   18 years old, we see is blood。 After-school basketball court, a few friends on the basketball court fight, the girls will be looking at the side, it cheered in a low voice, and that is our youthful appearance。
  Later Growing up, we gradually got used to work, home two first-line, had to play the young are scattered all over, and then open the comic, the original fish suddenly read the column had to go home inherit the family business, and say goodbye to basketball compromise and give up when the dream。   Also understand that "Slam Dunk" How reality, they are ordinary people, there is no protagonist halo。
Mitsui, past the boy genius, because astray, become a rogue bully。 While crying said "Coach, I play basketball。
"But that still will not be wasted time to fill, lack of physical strength or weakness became his。
  I want to play basketball。
(Mitsui Life) a lot of time, effort and talent can not change the strength of the gap。
Deputy chief of the North of the Legion, glasses brother, he also has a dream, never give up, but he is unexciting that the person。 And many others, can not become the master of the game of heroes。
  But he also never give up, withstood the pressure in a game, reversed enemies with three-pointers, to help the team win。
Perhaps just a moment, on his love of the stage to shine through, it is worth bearing in mind that it is a worthwhile trip。
  "If we tried hard, but can only reach the starting point for others, why should we strive?"This is probably the answer。
  Do not look down upon the weak, often you most accidents are those humble。
(Mumu public extension) "Slam Dunk" in Sakuragi in battle and the king of the mountains, with the most glorious moments in life。
Because he saves a ball, and a back injury。 The coach told him, if you continue to play, can not play a possible future。
  Sakuragi said: "Old man, your most glorious moment was when?Japan is the era it?………And I, is now。
"His play, cast lore。 The least favored of the North of the team, a group of nobody, David and Goliath, Guards change it。
They shocked the world, created a miracle。
  But the ensuing, or reality。 They still did not dominate the country, third-year students still have to leave with regret。 Sakuragi injuries do not know when it will get better, maybe in the future he can not be playing basketball……Obviously a last-ditch, clearly won, but still not a happy ending, this is the reality ah。
Not all efforts have satisfactory returns。
  But, still have to fight every effort。
  Author of "Slam Dunk" Inoue Takehiko is such a person, even if everyone around him told him that it would not do。 He would say, did not do, how do you know。   Now look, "Slam Dunk" was released more than 100 million 40 million, was voted in 2013, "life-changing comic" the first。 But in the beginning, this work is not very good, it was to persuade Inoue Takehiko, draw something else。
But Takehiko Inoue insisted: no basketball, no now I。
  The results we all know, this is not optimistic about the work, it has become a classic to be remembered。   This is the "Slam Dunk" tells us: to recognize the truth of life after still have the courage to embrace life。 Still love, still ahead。
  Sakuragi Haruko start just to ingratiate only joined the basketball team, but he finally Haruko said, and this time did not lie, is really like basketball。   In the face of the king of the mountains competition, even if tired, Mitsui is still struggling to put out the threes。
  Even as the reality of the morass, even though we are grown up, I had to face repression of work, family complex, interpersonal indifference, still can think of, those youth most pristine emotions。   Sakuragi friends will work to earn the money to rent a video to Sakuragi。 There's nothing complicated reasons, ah, because we are friends Well。   Mitsui friends will help him anti-matter, because a friend ah。   Sakuragi is like to be a girl, doing all the contact he knew nothing about basketball。
  At that time, everyone is very simple; then, life is very simple。
To love someone say it out loud, want to do something immediately to achieve, this is the life actually looked like it。   "Really loud say I love you" hear the song again and again to see these people to mind their own out of the year "Really loud say I love you try to change tomorrow." We have had that bright side, we used to have dreams, but also had blood all hope to change the world。
  Even then we look more realistic, even if a lot of people away from you, a lot of things no longer pure, many dreams eleven fall, a lot of things you can do nothing, but it can not become an excuse to give up。   Because, as long as the game is not over, we can not give up hope。   28 years, they are still young, we are no longer young。
Looking back, people have changed。   Life ah, always been like this, someone to accompany you laugh too cried after the last road still have to go。
  But no matter how far away, do not lose the key to take you back to boyhood, think of the original dream and the promises of their own, so you always remember that in the real world: the game is not the end of life, love well, dream worth mentioning, do not give up ah teenager!  Take heart good to see more articles please long press the parties concerned about the visual picture scan code Chi。