[Can] what group combinations

  [Inexplicable want to see fairies open Hou Palace mode ~ ~ ~ ~]
  [Want to see the same!!!!]
  [You where to put it to her boyfriend]
  [Wearing a typhoon is very complicated, this should be called star qualification of the bar?]
  [Do not look good can be a star, the star is to have qualified, unless and fairies look like]
  After Lu seventy-one reading, touch his chin, “is surrounded by handsome idea, and I was to coincide with the.What combination is chaotic fist attack, which finally can look up red, I think we can make a boys’ school youth drama, how about?”
  The comments were applauded.This is properly the comic romantic rhythm ah.
  ”Well, we said that, we choose to wear the grounds of the complex, many of which are to be considered the cause of warm air, this really thank you for the.Thank you.”
  Fan also wear thanks, “I will strive to become the mainstay of warm air.”
  Lu laugh at seven, “the goal is not small.Into it.”
  After the respective artists sit in his place, land seventy-one also sit on the front of the auditorium, specially arranged for her good position.In turn, can be photographed panorama of all, do not turn on the stage to see the land and convenient seventy-one.

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  ”The next time, is the second round, and my baby’s self Showtime.They do packet, gave everyone to prepare a program, please enjoy ~ ~ ~ ~ “Lu seventy-one turned to the stage,” the first