Japanese high school students at a game room, a games machine in order to compete and spat.Both sides are young and fit, under refused to give evolved into gang fights.

  These people originally unmotivated Lanzi, several people who took a dagger, and they hit it out after the red-eye began to carry a knife stabbed people.One of the men abdomen was stabbed two or three knives, more serious injuries!”
  This kind of thing never uncommon in Hong Kong, people go to the game room to play a large part little older teenagers, things are impulsive, sometimes two words wrong way can a fight.So Hong Kong has a large game room of people in the community in charge of the Air Field, in the event the guests disagree, someone will come out the situation under control, so that they do not affect the business of the store.
  Japan’s situation is similar, behind the game room has black – Social meddle.Because of the arcade industry profits, oriental Japanese market game company has even been found pirated arcade, also pointed the finger of blame the Japanese community organizations.The piracy of intellectual property protection very well in Japan is very rare, it also allows the image of the industry and arcade game room in Japanese society is not good.
  As for the Japanese newspaper accused the “Kung Fu” game promotes violence and bloodshed, seems at Du Wenjiang is nonsense.This is just a fighting game only, the original game screen, the characters after clearing the blood, red blood fell to the ground when death.But in the latter part of the changes have been to cancel it.
  Blood can not see even a game, you say bloody, it’s not bullsh * t thing!As for promoting violence, if the fight would promote violence, then those Hong Kong kung fu