Only wild monkeys.Lao is her master it?No, but nothing watchers.”

  Director Sheng Joe come to understand a little mean.
  Chen guide went on to say: “But in this environment, she can still live comfortably happy, fun for ourselves, she is really despise those who do not understand her, that Beidou Palace is her home, because the now she did not open mind thing, like a fool to live in a false environment.”
  Sheng Joe shaking a bit, slowly said: “Now how sand sculpture, so in the future to uncover the truth, there is more sad.”
  Director laughed: “This is the meaning.”
  She will not be like a fool mortal imitate opera, will not be bickering and slapstick brothers in her eyes, no longer a day Lele Oh carefree.
  She trusted the man was thrown into the furnace alchemy, burning a blind eye, is playing a loved one fall Sendai, destroy almost all forms of God, then covered with a bloody return magic gas, no longer trust anyone.
  Look telling everyone who would only laugh little monkey, like a blood-stained dream.
  At that time she was a monkey, they look at her, like watching monkey.
  Some scenes later, Sheng Joe is no longer a laugh.
  A deeper understanding of this role, the back shot up even more smoothly, Sheng Joe owed because of injuries scenes soon to slowly fill up the.
  The weather is getting hot, the crew filming in Hengdian