Luo Yufang previously good-natured, who dotes on her Huo Zhihui, however, she became the pampered lady from a wealthy Banlaoxuniang, just so many old and a lot of time, it is inevitable mental balance, and now they frequently complained to her daughter, she finally broke, sharp sound authentic: “when you are or what you Huo eldest ah, lazy, every day, go to nightclubs fool around, slipped our thirty thousand before I jail you can live where you are, you can only live here, you want to live in villas, ah, ah you dream.”
  ”Mom, why do you roar.”
  ”If you do not mind, I have egg on your dad plot Hough family property, we will not have to fall into such a situation now, why do I hate I had to give birth to you, without you, no one will find me with German relations, I Huo lady, how will this broken place to live.”
  Since “you’d blame me now come.”
  Huo Zhihui rage, “you did not have the ability to give birth to me, ah, steal myself with people.I love face to blame.”
  Seeing both of them would quarrel bitterly, the door suddenly sounded three times knock on the door.
  Huozhi Hui Luo Yufang told to shut up at the same time, look to kick off the door, stared bitterly final Huozhi Hui Luo Yufang one, Slop slippers walked over to open the door,