Certainly not assured.”

Liang staggered body sitting in a chair, his face already pale: “But in the end she serve me best, also considered some elbow grease, in that case, is cast out, that eighty board ”
A weak girl, do not know can not live very down ah.
Jiang Chu but shook his head: “Let Ji be the upstart House, the government has just set up, all the people under, are also just bought, if Bowen had made such a big thing, was also a slap, people nod only when we bullied, soft-hearted, to act in the future more and more reckless, bad government in the rules, which the future difficult way to go, Bowen offenders in this gun, is not the slightest light punishment.”
Liang heavy sigh: “Bale Bale, the steward of this matter, in the end I do not know, since you’ve got the decision, it will be the case, but ”
Liang paused, then said only: “At least, he was a life insurance right.”This is she able to Bowen seeking the only thing.
Jiang Chu Liang know the nature of compassion, we can give in to this