, The company ushered in what seems important things in general.

  The total office weekdays Mo is with this man is not allowed to enter, even if the person within the company, nor.
  Of course, only one exception, that is, a man dressed in camouflage fatigues holding a few months before the total Mo into the office, it was the first time, and today is the second time.
  Maybe Mo is really anxious heart Yu, Cao Xiu even into her office she did not care about the effort to.
  Not come in front of the office, I heard Mo Yu heart’s voice came from the doorway.
  ”You forced me like this, I jumped up!”
  This is the moment of truth as if Mo Kam is the same, said leaf white airs of.
  ”Did not see, I did wrong, and I really want to jump out sister.”
  White leaf shame, the heart that you have a sister, if I, I jumped.
  White leaf and not directly into it, listen Mo Yu heart tone, obviously not really going to jump off, as there are any kind of dispute, he was not immediately clear.
  The top level is a core member of the almost entire heart Yu Group, and many offices sister saw a man come in, eyes are over.
  ”Who is this man, there is no feel good eye