Is a tutor looks good, but nothing like the parents will be affected by the characteristics of a young woman, probably mid-twenties, from the way they dress and temperament is a look at wealthy daughter.

  Her eyes looked Yu Ze, please look revealed a little.
  Zhangzi Xian Pei Yu did not bring to the appointment of Donna regarded as expected, she wanted to gloat, if the snake woman Zhangzi Xian Yu Pei know to go to dinner with another woman, his face certainly do not know how wonderful.
  Yu Chak cool nod, but is Donna join a smile: “Hello.”
  Once the men sit down face to face, Yu Pei describes the woman sitting next to him: “This is a party with Ling, Fang Bobo’s daughter.”
  Yu Ze is about to see a loss of face, he added: “We and the Fang family friend, a child played three of us are still together.”
  Not to mention the loss Yu Ze, Yu Ze memory of Donna seen also at a loss, it seems that the parties to Ling child really is not that sense of presence.
  ”Brother, you’re not going to tell us about it?”Yu Pei a grin at the Donna.
  ”.Bo Dina.”Yu Ze said succinctly.
  ”Bo Dina.”Yu Pei from the tongue gently spit out the words, as if simply repeat it again her name.
  He smiled