There are self-study students to stay, though not noisy, but it is not suitable for old friends to talk.

  XIA eyes dropped away, put away their stuff on the podium, packed, before the rise gently smiled, politely greeting: “Long time no see.”
  As if they were the two first met, did not like unpleasant.
  Xiao did not want the original back to her a polite smile, do not want the same back to her a long time no see.He did not converge their eyes, but have learned to convergence own temper, silence and quietly, with less than half a step away from the body side XIA’s, and she stepped out of the classroom together, out of the classroom building.
  When can XIA away parked in teaching outside the building, turned and looked at her across the lift eye of people, but that is as original Xiao.Obviously people came, not to speak.Both refused to play hello politely, it will not take the initiative to explain what he wanted.
  Just stood in the eye hanging at her.
  But still mature a bit, at least to hang a joy, anger, without form or color of the face, as before, will emotions clearly and simply hanging face, so that you can easily find him impatient, or he in arguing his face that says for you to coax him.
  Classroom building entrance, and out of groups are thirty-two