Guangdong Province financial advertising monitoring center was formally monitored 24 hours a day

  It is learned that the center is under the guidance of the People's Bank branch in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou trade center construction and operation of clearing the country's first provincial-level financial advertising monitoring platform, the first to use scientific and technological means to automate the monitoring of financial advertising。
The center 24-hour monitoring financial advertising compliance, covering the mainstream Internet sites and the province of the main TV channels, radio channels, newspapers and other。
As of March this year, a total of 15 million articles collected financial advertising, suspected illegal advertising about ten thousand, confirming nearly 50 illegal advertising。 According to authorities found illegal monitoring, has to order the withdrawal, given the regulatory administrative and other measures to deal with illegal financial advertising。   On that day, at the launching ceremony, Guangdong Province eight major financial industry associations on behalf of their members signed the "Convention on financial services advertising self-regulation behavior in Guangdong Province"。
The main contents of the "Convention" is the province of financial institutions, standardize enterprise doing business in the advertising campaign should observe the behavior, including the prohibition of advertising-oriented, content, terms。
Particularly in view of the current financial advertising common multiple of one-sided, misleading questions, to list specific requirements。   Reporters learned that recently, Guangdong Province, financial regulators have signed a "memorandum of cooperation synergy between financial governance of advertising", first to establish a multi-regulatory cooperation mechanism to jointly develop a list of positive and negative financial advertising, the establishment of mechanisms for screening , set up to monitor the financial advertising platform, joint law enforcement activities to further strengthen cooperation and coordination between departments。   The event is jointly organized by the various provinces and financial regulatory authorities in Guangzhou Branch of People's Bank, the Guangdong Provincial Finance Office and other relevant organizers, industry associations, and nearly 400 banks, securities, futures, funds, insurance institutions from Guangdong Province, small loan companies, non-bank payment institutions, the Internet is principally responsible for financial firms attended the event。