Box tickets, read the whole past.

The evening also see quite some regret – he was on this new look adorable face, watching so many headlights are in the final time to shake vertigo.

Mu spend some distracted, obviously think of the original fly to the United States to find his distant that period of time.

When long-haired boy was surrounded by cheering and ribbons took the runner-up trophy, the night also suddenly recovered.

“Mu -”


“I suddenly think of a thing,” he turned to see the flower Mu said: “We are not dragging a honeymoon yet no degree?”

Crown Prince could not help but laugh: “It’s all married for five years, you think of it?”

“We go tonight – to go all right.”The more spirit also later said:” The two children throw his house, and we went out how to put a fake.”

This year they toil endlessly, from the child’s care and education to cope with multi-malicious and spying, and indeed the rest down.

This matter rounded look, with almost eloped.

Flower Mu blinked, confirmed: “The leave tonight?”

“Go to the New York bar!”

“it is good.”He smiled and touched his head:” Well, today is the first day of the wedding.”

Chapter 92

no job,