A few days later informing them in exams, Xin long micro-brush for a full two-day problems, boil the red eyes, drew a hand exam day makeup, go out into the driving school hurried to catch.

  Examination process went smoothly, just to go after she finished and was stopped by a xiaonianqing.
  ”Slightly, you recently how the?To give you a message you did not return, is there anything?You look very bad.”The other side barrage ask them, face fears.
  Xin long micro original owners know this one is barely eight pole hit a distant relative, called Xu Xianglin, and the original owners with a university, usually very close with the original owners.
  ”I’m fine,” she Minchun smiled, “Just’m suffering from insomnia, fresh graduates looking for work is a problem, a bit uptight.”
  Xu Xianglin side by side to go out with her, smiled and joked: “On the tertiary and Song aunt you always want to receive a foreign country, you are a man has been stubbornly stay in the city of armor, just this point is very rare, if I, as early as it ran abroad.”
  Original owners home conditions is indeed very rich, but the original owners usually too low-key, in addition to Xu Xianglin know her family situation, other students do not know.
  Xu Xianglin treat mild humility, he has been