It is empty and Ding Han Mu son’s wedding day, Cheng double hand wound existed already see signs of a.

  Mu child star to a long drive double wedding day ready to wear dresses, strapless dress.
  If she had wanted to drive with both hands injury healed, it is replaced by another set of long-sleeved dresses, and she can still wear a set of paired.
  But since a good hurt, and that certainly would Mu child star for her to choose a strapless dress.
  Cheng is not a conservative person really double.
  Mu former child star amnesia remember clearly the major luxury brands also skirt dress from her wardrobe to find a trace of the self-amnesia, whenever she attended public, the number of exposed arms and legs of very few.
  Thought here, Mu child star will be able to shop and go to the village that reminds.
  She and her sleeping together, the way we still have to wear double long trousers.What does this strange illnesses, child star Mu Cheng decided to double this habit reversed.
  Cheng double this person, beautiful neck lines, sleek shoulder, collarbone fine, do not appear too bad.
  The two also does not matter what the nominal, then double-Cheng Ding Han or as a friend to attend the wedding.
  Early in the morning Mu child star to leave the villa Shihai double stroke of Suminoe Street: “Miss Cheng, Goodbye.”
  Obviously be able to see the wedding, she deliberately strange tone to listen