, Back on the need to use numerous lies to round it.

  ”I think, do not say directly, perhaps even better.After all, trying to take advantage of and hurt innocent people is really.”In case of Zhou Yu I thought for a while, before finally gave up the idea.
  She would rather not help, do not give the other party to send help.
  ”Do not worry, that time is not necessarily the case we need to call everyone will be,” Qin Bo if not the party, which he really comforting sounds easier said than done little taste, “I just still think of Tengyun who made an anonymous e-mail, there are now watching Fearless also received anonymous letters, I almost identified.”
  Compared thought he would, he thought he was tired of people around.
  Whether it is the case of Zhou Yu, or his parents.
  In case of Zhou Yu wanted to see him a frown on his brow rub open, she thought, it did.
  And so she could react done some myself get distracted, quickly Qing Ke a cry.
  ”Are you saying that the people behind the scenes?”
  ”Yes and no,” Qin Bo did not see her slander of those affected, had also hidden anger slowly subsided, “I suspect, is that the people behind the scenes, instigating Qinhuai An, issued the news.”
  Ye Hao said he was proud that he was anything else worth mentioning, but he