Xuan official!Thatcher signed the 2017 AFC championship front Pa hope spearhead knife

  Beijing on February 3 news, Wuhan professional football club Chelsea and Rafael Silva (RafaelDaSilva) signed a work contract, Rafael Silva (RafaelDaSilva) officially joined the team in Wuhan Drow。
  Player Profile Name: Rafael Silva (RafaelDaSilva) Birthplace: Brazil Birthdate: April 4, 1992 the secretary: Forward Played for team: Kelidiba, Lugano, Albirex Niigata, Urawa Red Diamonds pull Rafael Silva (RafaelDaSilva), 1992 Nian 4 Yue was born 4, the Secretary striker court。
Rafael from Baxi Ke Lin Dian club youth academy。 In 2013, Rafael landing in Europe League, joined the Swiss Federal Sailujianuo club, the team for two seasons scored 12 goals played 29 times。
Subsequently, Rafael transfer Japan?League Albirex Niigata Football Club, on behalf of the team played three seasons 47 times, scoring 19 goals。
December 2016, with excellent play, Rafael joined the move to Urawa Red Diamonds team, on behalf of the team played 25 times, scoring 12 goals。
And scored nine goals in the AFC Champions League 2017 season tied for second in the AFC Champions League top scorer with Hulk on the Hong Kong Shanghai players to help the team all the way into the medal final。
2017 Asian Champions League final last season, are two rounds Rafael harvest goals, especially in the final second leg, with Rafael in the 88th minute of the lore goals, Urawa Red Diamonds team total score of 2: 1 victory over Al Hilal, helping Urawa red Diamonds after a lapse of ten years again won the AFC Champions League title。
  Raphael technical detail, grasp the excellent opportunity in front of capacity, the league campaign in Asia for many years。
Rafael joined believe can further enhance the ability of the team offensive front, welcomed the arrival of Raphael, expect him to become a knife on the team front, to spearhead the team in the league!。